Longarm Quilting Service Pricing

My pricing is based upon the size of your quilt (in square inches) and the type of quilting you would like to have done. Square inches are determined by multiplying the total width of your quilt (in inches) by the total length of your quilt (in inches).  For example a quilt that is 80″ X 90″ = 3,000 square inches. To obtain cost of quilting, multiply the square inches by the cost per square inch.  See options below for cost of quilting per square inch.

Photo of quilt with Edge-to-Edge quilting
Example of Edge-to-Edge Quilting

Quilting Prices

Minimum Charge  and Deposit – $50.00

Option 1 – Basting for Hand Quilting – $0.01 per square inch

Option 2 – Basic meandering or Edge-to-Edge – $0.02 per square inch

Option 3 – Edge to Edge with Border – $0.025 per square inch

Option 4 – Dense Designs, Stitch in the Ditch – $0.035 per square inch

Option 5 – Simple Custom Quilting – $0.045 per square inch

Option 6 – Complex Custom Quilting – $0.06 and up.  Price to be determined by the level of quilting and work required.

The cost for a quilt that is 80″ X 90″ with Option 2 would be $144.

You provide the quilt top, backing material, and binding material (if binding services requested).  Backing material must be 8 to 10 inches wider and longer than the quilt top.

Photo of quilt with complex custom quilting
Example of Complex Custom Quilting

Additional Costs

Batting:  You can provide your own batting or purchase it from me.  If you provide your own batting, it should be quality batting such as Hobbs or Quilters Dream.  Please add 8 to 10 inches to the width and length of the quilt.  An 80″ X 90″ quilt, the batting would be 88″ by 98″.

Batting prices are charged per linear inch.  To determine the linear inch, multiply the longest side of your quilt + 10 inches by cost per linear inch.  Example:  If the batting is 88″ X 98″.  Multiply 98 times $.32 (the cost of Hobbs batting).  I offer several different types of quality batting.

Hobbs 80/20 (96″) – $0.32 per linear inch

Hobbs 100% Cotton -$0.35 per linear inch

Hobbs 100% Wool – $0.45 per linear inch

      Quilters Dream 70/30 – $0.30 per linear inch

*You may bring your own batting.  If so, please provide high quality batting such as Hobbs, Quilters Dream, or Warm products.

Thread:  I use quality Superior, Signature, or Glide threads. I charge for the type and amount of thread used.  Prices vary but rarely does the total cost of thread exceed $12.00.

Finishing Services:  Binding prices are based on linear inches of binding necessary for the quilt.  Linear inches are determined by adding the length of your quilt for all four sides of the quilt plus 10″.  For instance, the 80″ X 90″ quilt would need 350 linear inches of binding.  Please provide enough material for bindings that are 3 1/2 inches wide.

Make Binding – $0.05 per linear inch.  This cost is in addition to the costs below.

Binding machine sewn to Top (One Side attached – you sew the other side) – $.15 per linear inch

Binding machine sewn (both sides) – $0.20 per linear inch

Binding Machine Sewn to Top and hand finished to back – $0.35 per linear inch

*The cost of the 80 X 90 quilt to bind the quilt on one side would be $70.00

Please call and I will be happy to provide you an estimate for completing your quilt!