I offer full T-Shirt quilt construction and quilting services using quality materials.


Regular T-Shirt Quilt with no Sashings and no border – $18.00 per T-Shirt

Add 4″ Border – $20.00 per T-Shirt

Add 2″ Sashings, no cornerstones – $22.00 per T-Shirt

2″ Sashings with cornerstones – $24.00 per T-Shirt

Custom layout – $30.00 per T-Shirt

Quilt Minimum Charge – $100.00

Block sizes are generally 12″ without sashing.  If sashing is added, blocks will be 14″.  Smaller size T-Shirts may result in smaller blocks.  You can specify a different size to meet your requirements.  Sashings and cornerstones can be the same or a different color than the sashings.  Each quilt will be different depending upon the choices you make and the T-Shirts you are using.

I will provide a high quality batting.  You should provide enough fabric for the sashing, cornerstones, backing and binding.  If you are unsure of amounts, please contact me and we can discuss options depending upon your preferences.  All fabrics should be prewashed.

Preparing T-Shirts

T-Shirts should be washed and color fastness tested.  If a t-shirt’s dyes run during washing, you should not include it for the quilt.  I will not be responsible if a T-Shirt dyes leak after the quilt has been completed.

Do not cut the t-shirts.  The entire t-shirt should be provided.  I will cut the shirt and stabilize it for sewing and quilting.

If you want a specialized fabric such as a specific print for the backing or sashings, please provide them.

An estimate will be provided to you with recommended quilting patterns prior to construction of the quilt.